Where is my SnackPak?

Once your Snack Pakships, we will email tracking information to the email address associated with the order.


Are all snacks full size or sample size portions?

The snacks are all full size portions. We like to throw in some samples of new products to show extra <3, so keep your eyes peeled for extra goodies in the paks!


What will I receive in my next Snack Pak?

Receiving a decadent pak of goodies is always exciting, that's why you will always be experiencing delicious snack brands and outstanding new products every month. Prior to each delivery, you will receive an email with a run-down of all of the mouth watering snacks that you'll receive in your next pak!


How can I notify you of my Food Allergy or Dietary Preference?

Prior to adding a product to your cart, you will have the option to select any food allergies, or dietary preferences that you may have.


How do I modify my subscription?

Absolutely! To do so, locate your order confirmation email > click on "view your order" > click on "manage your subscription"


Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states FREE OF CHARGE!